Govt To Use Thar Coal For Generation Of 3960 Megawatts Electricity>

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Govt To Use Thar Coal For Generation Of 3960 Megawatts Electricity

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The public authority has chosen to change over 3,960 MW of power created from imported coal onto neighborhood coal of Thar to quit consuming the expensive unfamiliar trade holds for the import of coal, which is at this point not accessible at low costs. The coal cost has shot up to $400 per metric ton, a senior authority at the Energy Ministry told The News.

"The normal per-unit cost of coal-based power used to be at Rs4-5 for each unit, which has expanded to over Rs18 per unit, essentially due to an expansion in imported coal value up to $400 per metric ton."

The public authority has focused the sponsorship on POL items and may expand the cost of Mogas and diesel by forcing a petrol demand on July 1, 2022, which is likewise a state of the Fund. For the rebuilding $6 billion IMF program, the public authority would likewise expand the nearby gas costs by 45% from July 1.

The given circumstance, the authority said, has constrained the public authority to end dependence on imported coal for power age and it has chosen to change over the Port Qasim Coal Power plant, Sahiwal Coal Power plant, and China Hub Coal Power plant, each having ability to produce 1,320 MW of power.

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