How to get job in National Highways and Motorway Police?>

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How to get job in National Highways and Motorway Police?

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The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) have various functions, which includes regulating and controlling traffic on motorways and national highways, applying strict enforcement of traffic rules. The vacancies for Motorway Police Jobs are issued once the organization is able to hire new recruits and the positions are vacant. As Motorway and national highway police have to work on a larger area, so it requires more work force to keep every part of the organization working well. For these reasons, the vacancies for the National Highway and Motorway Police Jobs are available throughout the year. NHMP regularly hires constables, patrol officers and other professionals for its operations across Pakistan. Advertisement for the jobs are issued in the local newspapers and on the official website. Jobs are available for positions such as riders, engineers, mason, petrol officers, constables, helpers and mechanic. For further details about the jobs, you can visit national highway and motorway police official website

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