Italy To Invest $1.5 Million For Olive Cultivation In Pakistan>

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Italy To Invest $1.5 Million For Olive Cultivation In Pakistan

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Minister of Italy to Pakistan Andreas Ferrarese on Tuesday said that Italy was putting resources into a task worth €1.5 million for olive development and development in Pakistan.

The Ambassador said that Italy had consistently assumed a fundamental part in assisting Pakistan with creating olive development and specialized skill.

The "Olive Culture" project worth €1.5 million will be executed in 26 months in reasonable regions by CIHEAM Bari in participation with the Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MNFS&R) through the Pakistan Oilseed Department.

It addresses a continuum with practically everything done by Italy before, with a comprehensive methodology incorporating all stages and partners.

The Ambassador facilitated an occasion to feature Italy's commitment to the advancement of Olive and Olive Oil and its Value Chain in Pakistan, through the specialized help of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation - AICS in Pakistan.

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