PCB Pays Rupees 1.6 Billion + To PSL Teams As Covid Relief>

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PCB Pays Rupees 1.6 Billion + To PSL Teams As Covid Relief

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The Pakistan Cricket Board has remunerated the Pakistan Super League clubs for the COVID-19 lightening for the fifth and 6th versions with installments of Rs. 810 million and Rs. 828 million, separately.

The cricket board offered monetary help for the competition's initial two seasons that were impacted by the COVID-19 episode after the groups collected worries about cash a year ago.

It ought to likewise be noticed that the establishments sued PCB last year over the monetary model since they felt PCB had been uncalled for in keeping most of the income while the franchisees were answerable for the association's financial plan.

With an end goal to end the long-running debate between the cricket board and PSL establishments, the Pakistan Cricket Board then fostered another monetary model.

For impending rivalries, the recently made model expected that the PSL establishments get more prominent than 90% of the benefit share.

The establishment proprietors communicated their discontent before this year when the Pakistan Cricket Board chose to likewise have the Pakistan Junior League (PJL), expressing they had not been educated before the drive was reported.

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