Passengers Protest After PIA Serves Daal Chawal Instead Of Meat>

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Passengers Protest After PIA Serves Daal Chawal Instead Of Meat

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Travelers on PIA flights held a dissent after the choice not to serve meat dishes to their travelers.

Huge headway has been made on the non-conveyance of meat items on PIA flights following non-installment of installments to providers.

In such manner, the sources expressed that on full circle departures from Islamabad to Jeddah, rice dal and vegetable dishes are served in the supper.

Travelers fought the arrangement of food without meat or chicken and furthermore documented a grumbling in the remark cards.

As indicated by the sources, the travelers had a warmed conversation with the PIA team and the carrier administrations were brutally censured by the travelers.

Sources said applicable specialists have been educated about the episode on Flight No. 741, 742. Comparable affirmed occurrences have additionally been accounted for on different departures from Islamabad

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