Santa on PIA Flight Served Gifts to Passenger Kids?>

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Santa on PIA Flight Served Gifts to Passenger Kids?

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Travelers, on board a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA's) Islamabad-Karachi flight, got an unexpected treat when they observed Santa Claus among them in the air dispersing Christmas presents with the Jingle Bells melody playing behind the scenes.

A senior Christian Purser, attired in the Santa Claus dress, introduced presents and chocolates to the travelers. "This action has turned into a practice of the public banner transporter for the beyond quite a while," a PIA representative said in a news discharge on Saturday.

Government Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Syed Amin Ul Haque, Members of National Assembly Abdul Qadir Patel and Nafisa Shah, who were on board the flight, partaken in the lovely movement, appreciated the PIA and wished it all achievement in ongoing steps.
With this action, the PIA demonstrated that PIA is really a public carrier that invites individuals, all things considered, and public delegates in a profoundly proficient way.

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