What is the teacher-student ratio in Pakistani schools?>

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What is the teacher-student ratio in Pakistani schools?

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The teacher-student ratio in Pakistani schools varies widely depending on the type of school and the level of education. In government-run primary schools, the teacher-student ratio is generally around 1:50, while in private schools it can be as low as 1:15 or 1:20. The teacher-student ratio tends to be higher at the secondary and higher secondary levels, with a typical ratio of 1:30 to 1:35.

One of the main features of the Pakistani education system is that it is heavily centralized, with the federal government having a significant degree of control over curriculum, teacher hiring and deployment, and funding. This has led to some disparities in the quality of education and resources available to students, with urban and private schools generally having better resources and lower teacher-student ratios than rural and government-run schools.

There have been efforts in recent years to improve the teacher-student ratio in Pakistani schools, particularly in the primary and secondary levels. This has included measures such as the establishment of teacher training institutes, the implementation of merit-based hiring policies, and the provision of incentives to encourage teachers to work in underserved areas.

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