Italy Becomes 'Billion Dollar' Export Market For Pakistan>

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Italy Becomes 'Billion Dollar' Export Market For Pakistan

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At the point when Pakistan's economy is battling with truly broadening import/export imbalance, a portion of our commodity markets are showing uncommon development.

Italy is among the nations where Pakistan's commodities have been rising incredibly notwithstanding the intense economic situations brought about by the COVID wellbeing crisis, said an explanation gave here on Tuesday.

Italy has become 'billion dollar' send out market for Pakistan out of the blue. In the initial 11 months of this current year, our products to Italy expanded 46% which is most noteworthy development rate among all of our commodity objections in Europe.

In this period, Pakistan's exchange surplus with Italy has expanded 84%. Only a long time back, Pakistan really had an import/export imbalance of $148 million with Italy.

Over the most recent three years, in spite of the pandemic driven market disturbances, Pakistani exchange with Italy recuperated from the deficiency as well as has turned around to post an exchange excess of a portion of a billion dollar.

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