Pakistan Railways Earned Rs 200 Billion in 4 Years?>

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Pakistan Railways Earned Rs 200 Billion in 4 Years?

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Pakistan Railways (PR) has procured around Rs 200.33 billion during the most recent four years and furthermore fundamentally diminished its functioning costs to change the association into a productive element.

"PR has procured Rs49.576b in 2017-18, Rs54.514b in 2018-19, Rs47.588 billion of every 2019-2020 and Rs48.652b in 2020-21," an authority in the Ministry of Railway told APP.
The authority said that before COVID-19 around 71 sets of traveler trains were running over the whole organization of PR, but because of the pandemic the train activity was suspended on March 2020.

He said, from there on, PR was reestablishing train activities in stages and up till now upwards of 45 sets of trains had been reestablished over the whole organization. The authority said the Babu train was additionally suspended because of COVID-19 and the train would be reestablished in not so distant future relying upon the assets. Be that as it may, the rail vehicles/trains among Lahore and Rawalpindi had been reestablished.

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