Civil Judge's Mobile Stolen From Court In Faisalabad>

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Civil Judge's Mobile Stolen From Court In Faisalabad

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اردو میں پڑھیں
A common adjudicator in Faisalabad on Monday was denied of his cellphone while hearing a case.

In remarkable taking inside the court, Civil Judge Muhammad Zulqarnain was denied of his cell phone, when he was hearing a case.

Speedily following up on the grievance, the police of PS Civil Lines captured the cheat from the premises of the locale and meetings court. The police said a cheat named Mustafa was showing himself as the clerk of a legal counselor.

The taken cellphone of the adjudicator has been recuperated by the police.

Already, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) captured a fraud acting like Lahore High Court judge.

Following up on an objection, FIA's enemy of defilement cell led strike at a house in Lahore and caught the fraudster.

Imagining himself as a high court judge, the suspect used to compress government officials to get unlawful blessing, the FIA official said, adding that the faker was engaged with many exchanges and postings of government representatives

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