What Is The Curriculum For Secondary Schools In Pakistan?>

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What Is The Curriculum For Secondary Schools In Pakistan?

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The curriculum for secondary schools in Pakistan is set by the government and is generally the same across the country, although there may be some variations between public and private schools.

At the secondary school level, students typically focus on a more narrow range of subjects, and may be required to select a specific stream or curriculum, such as science, arts, or commerce. The specific subjects studied will depend on the stream or curriculum selected, but may include:

Languages (such as English, Urdu, and sometimes a foreign language)
In addition to these core subjects, students may also have the opportunity to study elective subjects, such as music, art, physical education, and others. The curriculum at the secondary school level is designed to provide students with a more specialized education and to prepare them for further study at the intermediate and university levels.

It's worth noting that the curriculum in Pakistani schools is subject to change, and the specific subjects and content covered may vary from one school to another.

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